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Robotic Surgery

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Robotic surgery involves the most advanced medical approaches available today, giving you the results you need without the drawbacks of traditional open surgery. At Transform Bariatrics, Hitesh P. Amin, MD, is the most experienced robotic weight loss surgeon in the entire region, having performed more than 1200 successful surgeries. Click the online booking link or call either of the offices in Rockville, and Greenbelt, Maryland, to schedule your weight loss surgery consultation now.

Robotic Surgery Q&A

What is robotic surgery?

In robotic surgery, Dr. Amin uses the state-of-the-art da Vinci® robotic surgery system to carry out surgical procedures using minimally invasive approaches. 

During procedures, Dr. Amin sits at a console where he manipulates a camera and miniature surgical instruments using an advanced control system. 

He performs the surgery through a group of tiny incisions (approximately the width of your fingertip). The da Vinci system immediately translates every move Dr. Amin makes. The system holds the instruments at any angle needed and is steadier and more flexible than any human hand. 

Surgeons need extensive specialized training to perform robotic surgery, and Dr. Amin is the most experienced robotic surgery specialist in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

When might I need robotic surgery?

You might need robotic surgery if you seek effective, sustainable weight loss and health solutions. The main reasons that Dr. Amin performs robotic surgery include: 

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery and da Vinci robotics are a great fit because this approach dramatically reduces surgical risks. Using the da Vinci system, Dr. Amin regularly performs procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery, which reduce stomach size and help you eat less.

General surgery

Many people who struggle with weight experience health issues, particularly gastrointestinal problems like gallstones, acid reflux, and hernias. Dr. Amin performs robotic surgeries such as hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and reflux surgery. 

You could also need robotic surgery for other reasons. In general, if you have health problems related to your weight and need surgery, Dr. Amin uses the robotic approach whenever possible because it has many advantages over traditional surgery. 

What are the advantages of robotic surgery versus regular surgery? 

Robotic surgery offers advantages over regular surgery, including:

  • Maximum precision during delicate procedures
  • Less bleeding
  • Much smaller incisions
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Less pain
  • Faster healing

Overall, robotic surgery provides the same results as traditional surgery in terms of surgical goals — but it makes every step of the process, from the procedure itself to the recovery, smoother and easier. 

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