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Gastric Balloon

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The gastric balloon is a nonsurgical weight loss option that takes just 20 minutes in the Transform Bariatrics office — and you can lose 20-50 pounds (or more) over the 6 month treatment period. At Transform Bariatrics, esteemed bariatric medicine specialist Hitesh P Amin, MD, offers the number one gastric balloon on the market, Orbera®, in the Rockville, and Greenbelt, Maryland, offices. Click on the online scheduler or call the nearest office to book your consultation now.

Gastric Balloon Q&A

What is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is a medical weight loss device that goes into your stomach. After inflation with saline (salt water), the gastric balloon fills about a third of your stomach. 

This reduces the amount of food and liquid your stomach can comfortably hold and helps you lose weight. At Transform Bariatrics, Dr. Amin uses the industry-leading gastric balloon, Orbera. 

Who qualifies for a gastric balloon?

You may qualify for a gastric balloon if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30-40. The Transform Bariatrics team can evaluate your individual needs and discuss goals with you to help you decide whether a gastric balloon is your next step in your weight loss journey. 

As with all weight loss options at Transform Bariatrics, the team works with patients for a minimum of one year to help ensure maximal sustained results. 

How does the gastric balloon placement process work?

While under light sedation, Dr. Amin passes a thin, flexible tube (an endoscope) through your mouth, down your esophagus, and into your stomach. 


He passes the deflated Orbera balloon through the endoscope and positions it within your stomach. Then, he delivers sterile saline through the endoscope to fill the balloon. He withdraws the endoscope, and your procedure is complete. 


The Orbera procedure only takes about 20 minutes in the Transform Bariatrics office. After six months, you’ll return to the office for balloon removal, which is also a simple in-office procedure. 

What results can I expect from a gastric balloon?

Patients can lose 20-50 pounds (possibly more) in their six-month Orbera treatment period when they follow a prescribed diet and lifestyle plan. 

You can lose additional weight in the six months afterward by maintaining healthy lifestyle changes and using portion control. In fact, many patients use Orbera as a tool to jump-start their weight loss. 

Transform Bariatrics offers other nonsurgical weight loss methods, including prescription weight loss medication that can work well in conjunction with Orbera to help you achieve your goals. 

Ready to learn more about the gastric balloon? Call Transform Bariatrics or click on the online appointment maker to set up your consultation with the nonsurgical weight loss experts now.