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Hernia Repair

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While most people who have weight loss surgery don’t experience complications, some later develop a hernia in the groin area or around an incision site. At Transform Bariatrics in Rockville, and Greenbelt, Maryland, experienced surgeon Hitesh P. Amin, MD, is the region’s leading robotic surgery specialist. He expertly performs hernia repairs that restore your health and encourage a rapid recovery. Book your consultation online or call the office for information today.

Hernia Repair Q&A

What is hernia repair?

Hernia repair is a surgical procedure to remedy an abnormality that occurs when part of an intestine or other organ protrudes through a muscle or connective tissue. 

When a hernia occurs, surgery is the best option because it restores the organ and tissue to its proper position and prevents the problem from recurring. 

When might I need hernia repair?

You might need hernia repair in a few different situations, including: 

Incisional hernias 

Incisional hernias sometimes affect weight loss surgery patients. An incisional hernia can develop at the site of any incision (in the case of weight loss surgery, the incisions occur in the abdomen). 

Hernias may develop after weight loss surgery because incisions and sutures can weaken or tear the fascia, the thin connective tissue that holds organs, muscles, and other structures within your body in place. This disruption in the fascia allows tissue underneath it to protrude abnormally, creating the hernia.

About 25% of people who undergo traditional bariatric surgery experience incisional hernias later, but Dr. Amin performs robotic surgery whenever possible, which features much smaller incisions and significantly reduces that risk.   

Inguinal hernias

Inguinal hernias, which appear in the groin area, can happen either before or after weight loss surgery. 

Because significant weight gain is a major risk factor for inguinal hernias, some weight loss surgery patients have this type of hernia at the time of surgery. Dr. Amin can often perform a hernia repair at the same time he does your weight loss surgery. 

Dr. Amin plans your surgery based on your specific situation and needs, always recommending the strategy that provides the best long-term health outcomes. 

What can I expect from hernia repair?

In hernia repair surgery, Dr. Amin restores the protruding tissue to its proper position and places small sutures to hold it in place. He closes the opening using sutures and may also use a mesh material to further reinforce the weak area and prevent the hernia from returning. 

Because he prioritizes robotic surgery whenever possible, you’ll most likely have very small incisions and a smooth recovery. 

You can trust hernia repair to the experts at Transform Bariatrics because they have the leading robotic surgeon in the region. Click the online scheduling link or call the office nearest you to learn more today.