Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss Options

Mar 02, 2024
Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss Options
Many people are finally reaching their healthy weight thanks to advancements in treatment options. Learn more about non-surgical medical weight loss options to help you achieve your weight goals. 

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is key to long-term wellness. While diet and exercise remain the pillars of weight management, non-surgical medical weight loss options have expanded in recent years and are transforming lives.

At Transform Bariatrics in Greenbelt and Rockville, Maryland, our skilled bariatric surgeon, Dr. Hitesh Amin, is dedicated to helping patients achieve their weight goals using the method that gets them the best results.

This blog will discuss some of our newest non-surgical medical weight loss options.

About non-surgical medical weight loss 

Your weight intricately influences your health and wellness. Getting to and staying at a healthy weight is part of the wellness journey. However, weight management is challenging for many, and diet and exercise alone aren’t always enough.

Weight loss surgery has helped many people who struggle with weight achieve their goals. But surgery isn’t the right choice for everyone. 

Thanks to advancements in weight loss treatments, you have many effective non-surgical medical weight options that provide lasting results. Non-surgical medical weight loss are doctor-prescribed plans customized to meet individual needs and goals. 

Non-surgical weight loss options

Whatever road you take to get to a healthier weight, your journey starts with lifestyle change. Our providers teach our patients about nutrition and healthy movement for weight management and overall health.

When lifestyle change isn’t enough, we may offer other non-surgical weight loss options, such as:

Prescriptive Diets

Prescriptive diets are special diets that can help you reset your relationship with food. These diets often make use of time constrained eating plans and meal replacements paired with supplements to support your weight loss effort and manage appetite. These diet plans are often 12-weeks in length, during which time you will re-learn how to eat in a healthy fashion.

Oral weight loss medications

Weight loss medications are prescription drugs you take by mouth that help with hunger control so you eat less. These medications should be used in combination of with lifestyle change.

Weight loss injections

Weight loss injections are a class of drugs called glucagon-like peptide 1 agonists (GLP-1). These life-changing drugs are the newest non-surgical medical weight loss option. 

Weight loss injections work by slowing down digestion (so you feel full longer) and triggering the release of hunger-suppressing hormones that lower your appetite and desire to eat. 

Gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is a medical device we place in the stomach and inflate. The inflated balloon fills the stomach, limiting the amount of food you can eat and helping you lose weight. 

The gastric balloon also helps you create healthier eating habits without permanently changing your anatomy. 

We may combine the gastric balloon with weight loss medications to help you make the lifestyle changes that lead to long-term weight management. We remove the gastric balloon six months after placement. 

Best weight-loss options for you

No single weight loss method works best for everyone. When you come in for a weight-loss consultation, we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine what method can help you achieve your goals.

However, we may only turn to medications or procedures after failed attempts to lose weight with diet and exercise. We also consider your body mass index (BMI) and health history when deciding what weight loss options make the right choice for you. 

Are you ready to get off the weight loss roller coaster? We’re ready to help. Call our office at the most convenient time today or request an appointment online.