How Can Medications and Supplements Help Me Lose Weight?

Sep 01, 2023
How Can Medications and Supplements Help Me Lose Weight?
If you’re struggling to get to a healthy weight with diet and exercise, adding medications and supplements may give you the boost you need to reach your goals. Find out how medications and supplements can help you lose weight.

Eating less and moving more is the mantra of most weight-loss programs. But what if this isn’t enough?

If you need to lose weight and diet and exercise aren’t helping you reach your goals, you may wonder if medications or supplements can help.

At Transform Bariatrics in Greenbelt, Rockville, and Silver Spring, Maryland, our weight loss specialist, Dr. Hitesh P. Amin, uses many tools to help our patients reach their goal weight. Though we specialize in weight loss surgery, we offer a medical weight loss program that includes medications and supplements.

In this month’s blog, we want to explain how weight loss medications and dietary supplements can help you lose weight. 

The challenges of weight loss

Losing weight isn’t as easy as you’re often led to believe. Yes, “diets” work, at least for a little while. 

Many factors affect your weight, like genetics, age, sex, and health. These factors may make it harder for you to lose or maintain weight loss. Losing and regaining the same weight over and over again is discouraging. 

Additionally, many weight-loss diets are hard to follow long-term, especially if you must eliminate entire food groups. 

Weight loss is a journey, not a sprint. And it takes time to break unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. Sometimes you need some help, which is where medications and supplements come in.

How weight loss medications work

Weight loss medications aren't new. However, they've become trendy recently because of many people's success with weight-loss injections. 

Most weight loss medications decrease your desire to eat or make you feel full soon after eating, so you eat less. Some weight-loss drugs work by decreasing the amount of calories your body absorbs. 

We prescribe weight-loss medications for our patients who have weight-related health problems (diabetes, heart disease) and cannot get to a healthy weight with diet and exercise alone.

Dietary supplements and weight loss

Many people turn to dietary supplements to help with weight loss. Though you can get these supplements off the shelf at almost any big box store, vitamin shop, or pharmacy, they contain active ingredients that may affect your health. You should consult a medical provider before adding a weight-loss supplement to your daily routine.

We use high-quality, science-backed supplements for our medical weight loss program. These supplements provide essential nutrients that improve your body's functions, boosting health and well-being.

Medications and supplements are tools we use to help our patients reach their weight goals. But they don't work for everyone. If you're struggling to reach a healthy weight, it's time to get professional help. 

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